Thursday, June 7, 2012

living room :: revealed!

You've seen the RED dining room, our restful bedroom, the kids blue oasis, the sunny guest room ... but no living room. When I posted the original before pictures I didn't even include the picture of the living room. It's a small living room and isn't as impressive, in my opinion, as some of the other fun features of the house. In short: the living room was not a selling point. We still have work to do in the living room (a fireplace? shelves surrounding the big window with a window seat?), but it's better than it was. AND we have our sectional that we've been lusting after for years.


Kate Duval said...

Yay a sectional!!!!! 

Lppick said...

When I look at yet another before picture with all that wallpaper and then see another beautifully painted room I continue to be AMAZED at the amount of work you did in such a short time! Three cheers for you! Love the sectional. Here's a transgenerational question for you. How do you make decisions as to whose pictures or things will hang on the walls, how furniture will be arranged, whose furniture you will use etc? Do you have similar tastes?

lovermont said...

Thanks so much! It was a lot of work and I'm so glad it's done ... I just try not to think too much about the areas that I didn't re-do - lol.

I think our tastes are super similar. My dad is very laid back about the house design and my mom and I are in line with each other. She usually is happy to follow my lead (I can't think of a time where she wasn't - even when we lived separately I was painting various rooms at her house :) ). So furniture arranging has been easily agreed upon. The pictures were a challenge because my parents have so many having spent a 30+year life together so far and most are small, where I'd prefer bigger prints, I think. But I also want as many of theirs displayed as possible. The strip in the living room above the couch is all from their collection. Then there are obviously others throughout the house. Even so there is still a very large pile of pictures to be hung on the floor in my parents office... always more work to be done - which is a good thing, I think.