Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spare Room :: Revealed

I wanted something bright and cheery with slight whimsy.
Sherwin Williams (we were quite frustrated with Benjamin Moore at this point) Optimistic Yellow fit the bill.
As you can tell it came across much darker in the room than on the swatch - which was my hope!
This is the sewing room (sewing?! What's that?!?)/guest room/spare playroom/greenhouse - an all purpose room :)



Ashley said...

This is MY room!!!! But I will generously share it with others as needed :)

Lppick said...

Optimistic Yellow-love the name!!!!  So bright and cheery.You know, if you ever tired of farming and/ or photography you could hire yourself out as a painter! I still don't know how you managed to do it all!

lovermont said...

I thought about painting as a side job when I started painting the first room. By the third room I was thinking: no way would I do this more than I have to - no matter how high the pay. On the 8th room I was ready to pull my hair out :)
How I do it all? I spend less time on the internet than I used to and I wake up way earlier than I used to!