Thursday, February 4, 2016

7month comparison

They look so different from each other ... and so much alike. It's funny how Rye is taking on the looks of both siblings now - as well as her own distinct look. Whereas when she was younger I saw Noah 100%

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Project 365 ... with missed days, but you knew that would happen ;)


I'm working on a normalize breastfeeding photo project in my local community - with clearly local pictures. I thought it would be fun to get a group of nursing women together to do an outdoor shoot. I hope to get one here again in the spring ... and summer ... and fall. I was so excited all these women came out and had fun chatting about pregnancy, birth and baby life.


I finally got the call that the birth I was scheduled to photograph was happening. This was a hospital birth, so I left Rye with milk and Ren Man and a host of supportive community members.


Early early in the morning, there was a happy new mom and dad and a squishy new baby that I left in their post-birth bliss, to go snuggle with my own baby.

..... Go on mini-road trip to visit friend and forget camera .....



Yep, Christmas tree still up ;)


Okay, seriously! Those eyes!! Those curls!!





This girl can run the show, but Poobah still likes to coach her and tweak her technique. I'm so glad they have each other.

Noah and Del both have been adamant that they don't want their pictures taken. This is making my project much more challenging!


This girl though ... I've got a few years before she forms an opinion on picture-taking, right? Right?!?!

Noah keeps trying to sell his sister so he doesn't have to hold her .... but then he sneaks into our bed early in the morning and tries to wake her up so he can play with her.


After going to pick up a calf (where I thought I was going to get my daily picture), it was getting dark fast. We noticed a few deer across the road and I leapt out of the truck to grab my daily shot ... only to learn that I don't know that much about deer. They took off so fast! So this is the "not deer" shot of the day.


Friday, January 22, 2016

Dear Rye :: 7mos

Dear Rye,
Your smiling and laughing so much and your siblings are soaking it all in. When one notices that you are laughing at the other, the first one goes and tries to take over to get you laughing at them. Fighting ensues. It's so gratifying to get your baby giggle.

I was telling a friend who has a similarly aged baby that you can't sit up yet ... as her baby crawls around like a powerhouse. I'm not worried - because I know you'll sit up in your own time and then you'll be crawling ... and life will suddenly be a lot more complicated! As we discuss this, I prop you up between my legs on the floor. An hour later, you're still sitting. So I realized, I don't often put you down. And when I have to, it's because I knew two hands and can't be with you, ensuring you don't tumble over. So I've never seen you sit up for any length of time, but all that rocking back in forth while in our arms or on our laps has apparently created a strong enough core and you've got this sitting thing down.... I'm now holding my breath about how long we have until you're crawling.

You continue to be the communal baby at Farmhouse Pantry and are always amenable to being passed around. This is very convenient for me, our regular customers, and you. Your community is large and loving and it's wonderful to see how this makes you shine. We often get comments on how quiet and content you are. Lately you've been babbling more, which is a fun treat and you save most of your enthusiasm for me ... but your siblings, dad, and grandparents are obviously important to you too. You smile huge and shake your whole body when you see one of these family members.

You're "awesome sleeper" status is definitely out the window. You're up frequently in the night - but Noah prepared me well and I'm happy that you are happy to be nursed back to sleep, even if it is every hour. You take awesome naps at home - like multi-hour naps!! But at Farmhouse Pantry, you really don't want to miss anything. So napping and nursing is infrequent and is interrupted frequently.

You laugh a lot and love playing peek-a-boo.
Your hands are no longer as exciting as they once were. The new distraction is your feet. And when your socks are off - !!! - it's a whole new world!

You're still not a night person at all. If we're out and it's dark, you are usually not a happy camper. You want to be home and in bed. But otherwise, you're pretty chill.
I'm amazed at how long you're getting ... how so baby you are instead of new baby.
You love smacking your lips and your gums to make different sounds.
You're very interested in pets - you're excited and want to grab them ... but when they get too close they can also be frightening.

You have a strong grip and get really sad if someone takes away a treasure you're gripping and investigating. You loved holding spoons, pens, and paper. And if you're holding them - that's right - they end up in your mouth.

We haven't had as much baby wearing these days. I used to wrap you every time we went to the grocery store and other errands. But this month you started sitting up in the cart. It's not always a perfect system, but it's an easier one and you love sitting there. You are determined to get the handle into your mouth .... but you have yet to be successful.

You're growing so fast - I can't believe we're closer to a year than not! We're having so much fun!

Love you forever,

Sunday, January 3, 2016

quiet nights and happy baby



Nothing more welcoming on a winter day than a cozy wood stove ... even better if it's at the local coffee shop...

... and also has an adorable baby.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year :: New Project

I'm not picking up the "real" camera enough. The phone camera is easy, takes decent pictures, and it's there - with me all the time.
Once a day: at least one picture. With the real camera.
And I'll blog - not every day, but 365 pictures, at least. My hope was to get a picture of each kid ... one kid doesn't get a choice or care, one is excited, and one is anti ...
I'll find the kids wherever they may be, and capture a moment.
I got started a few days early ...


Kool-aid dyed hair from weeks ago and it's still going strong ... and we've realized that Del's dresses are mostly this color too.


reading is a thing around here <3

and feet, feet is also a thing.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dear Rye :: 6mos

Dear Rye,
You're still a momma's girl, but you often are passed around to family, friends, and even people we've just met. You check in more frequently with me when you're not in my arms than you used to, but you're generally smiley and snuggly with anyone .... except men with beards. You're great with Poobah, and will finger comb his beard all day long - but anyone with a dark and/or impressively thick beard and you are frightened. You look at them and your face slowly crumples. You turn your head into my shoulder and I pat your back. You settle down. Then peak back over your shoulder to check if they are still there ... only for a deep frown to appear and the sobbing to begin again. I try not to laugh, but it's hard. It's very very cute. Poor baby.

It feels like you've grown so much! I can't believe you're half a year old! Already! But at your checkup, we learned that you're still in the 3%ile for weight and 35%ile for height. So despite feeling like you're super long - you're still our smallest baby yet. And at this point, I think you'll just stay on this growth pattern.

You love watching kids - especially Noah and Del. They make you giggle so much. Sometimes they don't appreciate feeling laughed at - but usually they keep doing what they are doing to get you to keep laughing.

A little past your 6month mark, Daddy started you on solids. I was surprised to see you munching down the meat he was offering you. You LOVE food and are sad to see someone else eating when they don't have anything to share. It's a little tricky because we want to stick with meat mostly - definitely no wheat or dairy yet. And your frantic for food. Funny baby.

Christmas was fun and relaxing. It's so cool to see how excited you are over the Christmas tree being dragged into the living room or the lights on the tree being turned on or wrapping paper ... you love crinkly noises. You charmed your aunts and uncles when they were here and when we were there.

You discovered your feet this month and they are widly entertaining, but your hands are still a favorite. Even more exciting is that you're figuring out how to make your hands do what you want them to do.

Your hair is thinning out and lightening. Your button nose is so adorably perfect. Your big smile is still all gummy. I love it. Your fingers are long and your feet are big.

You get all excited when I throw you on to my back for wrapping - all smiley. You kick your legs and babble when you see Daddy. You giggle like crazy when you touch his head.

You've started having shorter naps - I think because usually we're at the store and there's a lot going on. You don't want to miss it!

You babble a lot at once, but also have long quiet stretches.

We love getting to know you more and more every day.
Love you baby,