Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Noah 6 years 1 month

Dear Noah-Noah,
I still can't believe your six. You stood next to me recently ... you were up to my shoulder - your head was as tall as my shoulder! So will there be a nine year old Noah who is taller than his momma? Fun and scary, all at the same time. We recently read a library book about a birthday party and one of the guests is a robot. That's when we realized - that's what you talk like - a robot. Not in the mechanized way but by leaving out words to make complete sentences while still conveying your message. I guess it's a cross between a robot and a cave person. When we ask you to speak in regular sentences you say: "but I like talk this way". I guess you're only six once.


You are a HUGE fan of Star Wars (only one more episode to watch!) and the wii. I guess you can't win 'em all. We waited on introducing sugar and take full credit for your not-so-sweet-tooth. I think we kept screen time fairly limited ... but you love playing games on the computer or wii or watching movies. You're quick to tell us that screen time isn't healthy ... but you still enjoy it, and who doesn't? Well, Del doesn't but that's strange :) And she loves sweet food, so it's a mix.


Speaking of your sister: I've realized you know how to press her buttons. Generally you two spend all morning playing awesome together, then you need a break from each other for about 10 minutes after lunch, and then you're back to playing with each other. It's pretty awesome. Incredible, really. But she does create the biggest screams off upset in reaction to your behavior ... mostly when she's claiming "it's not FAIR!" when you're not complying with her wishes. And even with all your awesome playing together - you two part ways quickly when another kid or two enters the mix. I think you are just excited to hang out with a new kid. We've been having J and his mom over every Monday morning and E, I, M, and their mom every Monday afternoon. I'm wondering if we should bleb the two meetups and throw lunch into the mix. We'll have to see if they are interested in that.


In between all of your wii time you squeeze in a large outside chunk too. You enjoy spending time with friends collecting eggs (but you're not interested when it's just us - I think you just don't think about it until another kid asks to go get eggs). Most of the time your favorite outdoor adventure is the trampoline. Jump. Jump. Jump. And sometimes "thinking time" (which is still very important for you) all on the trampoline.


I'm finding myself falling in love with you over and over again recently. I'm not sure if you've suddenly become the big kid version of yourself - even though I would have sworn you were a big kid at 2, 3, 4, and 5 - but there's a new maturation that's recently happened. You're insights are fascinating and your gentle spirit is heartbreaking and your wild and loud side is exciting. I'm so pleased that you're still the sleepy eyed kid in the morning (when you finally roll out of bed) who loves snuggles anytime and loves being read to.


I have always thought that saying that goes something like: "having a child is like having your heart walk around outside of your body" was silly ... but lately, I understand.
I love you, love you,

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