Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear Del 4years 3mos

Dear Del,
Where does the time go?!? Another month, gone! Woo! And it's been another busy busy one, that's for sure! We had a super fun filled day at Shelburne Farms at the beginning of the month for a homeschool "field trip". We learned about frogs and used nets to collect different organisms from a pond at that farm. You were very proud of your brother who caught a frog and proud of yourself for netting frog poop.
We also had fun salamander hunting. At the very end of the day we found a collection of vines in a wooded area that you took a turn swinging on. How fun is that?!?


We've been to parties and had parties at our house. Early in the month we went to a friend's house for a birthday party that included delicious food, fun company, and even more fun toys - even if it was rainy. And then a week later we were off to another birthday party - this time at an indoor water park. We love water in this family so swimming for a couple hours on a chilly day (yes - it's June) was a nice break from the usual routine.

And then it was a couple of weeks of pre-party prep for our own big gathering. You and Noah helped at times but mostly enjoyed hanging out on the new hammock swing and porch swing while the grownups barely took the time to sit down. You pulled out the sprinkler one day for a test pre-party. It was super fun for you and Noah ... but it wasn't even needed on party day. We also set up the sandbox this month and just like when we had our first sandbox when you were 1-2 years old, at 4 years old you're still a big fan of sand play.


We made our first trip to Parc Safari that included a huge playground and an even bigger water park. We also made our first venture to Chazy Lake Beach one evening which was the perfect end to a hot day.

You still love visiting whatever chicks are brooding in the barn - and ducklings were wildly popular this month. They quickly became a very difficult catching challenge and I was relieved when it was time to move them outside. All the catching attempts were quite stressful for a mama watching her daughter scramble around for frantically racing ducklings.

You mostly look up to your brother. When he stays inside, you mostly do too. When he puts on a bandana and pronounces himself a pirate, you find a bandana to duplicate the pirate look. When he says he doesn't like this food item, you stop mid-bite and announce you don't really like this food item either.


At the end of the month our friends from MA came for a week-long visit. It was a week of playing, drawing, hanging out. We loved sharing our everyday life with our friends and having an excuse to slow down a little. It meant that I barely saw you - you were too busy, and quite frankly, so was I(!!) hanging out with our friends.


On the last day of their visit we decided to leave the farm and hit Parc Safari again. This time we saw the zoo side of things (which was actually a bit sad for me because the animal pens seemed painfully small) - we walked through a tunnel that lions were lounging on, saw bears lazing about, a mama monkey nursing, etc. After a couple of hours at the water park we went on the safari part - animals are BIG! Buffalo, zebras, ostrich, llamas, giraffes, elephants ... it was all very unreal. A fun way to end our visit from our friends.
When they left you were immediately asking when they are coming again.


I love you to the moon and back ... and I would love to spend some time with you! Let's work on that - us two too busy girls!


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