Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Bedroom :: revealed!

We always said we wanted a sage or grey/purple room.
Two rooms ago we had the sage, our last room we had grey/purple.
We were ready for sage again.
I thought I remembered it being Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage.
I was wrong.
But that's what on our walls and we're happy with the results.
I would like a slightly warmer green (I think this is too minty) but I don't dislike it enough to paint AGAIN!


What do you think?


Lppick said...

We are of like minds! Right now I have in my collection of paint chips a bunch of sage like green shades for a small bedroom I am now using as my craft room. I find it incredibly hard to pick just the right color, so I am presently agonizing over a choice. You can be sure however, that whatever shade I pick I will NOT be painting it myself after my spilled can of paint disaster! Your bedroom looks lovely and peaceful!

lovermont said...

Smart move on passing the painting responsibility on to someone else :)
I love sage, so much. And I'm glad you see the bedroom as lovely and peaceful - restful is definitely what I was going for.