Thursday, July 26, 2012

a 6 year old on same sex marriage


First I should tell you that I get most of my news from Facebook. It's embarrassing, but true. Don't tell my journalism professors from St. Mike's. Seriously.

So I've seen that there's this thing going on with Chick-Fil-A. Now truthfully, I can't see why I'd care when another food chain hits the news. Fast food makes me very very sad, frustrated, angry - for lots and lots of reasons.

And then I start to see bits and pieces on facebook (my reliable news source) about Chick-Fil-A. These are the facts I can gather:
1. The Muppets were the Chick-Fil-A toy (presumably they have a "happy meal" type toy ... don't even get me started)

2. For some reason it came out that the muppets are not anti-gay marriage

3. Chick-Fil-A pulls the muppet toy line from their store

4. Someone posts a picture of a framed notice presumably at Chick-Fil-A that states something along the lines of their being a recall of muppet toys due to poor construction. Suspicious.

5. Then I see a letter posted by the Boston Mayor explaining that while Chick-Fil-A was recently invited to set up shop in Boston - the invite has been rescinded as there is no place in Boston for discrimination - ESPECIALLY on the Freedom Trail.

I see the letter. I let out a "yes!".
Ark Boy asks what that was about.

In our house we don't talk about gay rights. It's just not an issue. Everybody has the same rights - we don't care who you're in a relationship with, what color your skin is, where you go to church (or don't), etc. As long as you're not hurting someone and you're doing your best to help the earth - who cares?

Ark Boy and Farm Girl know that some families have two mommies, and some have two daddies, and some have one daddy, and some have one mommy, and some have a daddy and a mommy. No big deal.

So I have to explain to Ark Boy that some people don't like it when two mommies are together or two daddies instead of a mommy and a daddy.

I have to explain what the muppets are.

I have to explain what fast food is ("like that place that calls itself a restaurant called McDonalds? The one that does bad things to the earth?").

And I have to explain that the muppets and the place called Chick-Fil-A don't agree about who gets to be part of a family.

"Well, I think that if boys want to marry boys they should. So whoever agrees with that - that's the one I agree with."

"That's the muppets."

"Well, I agree with them, then."


Krisks43 said...

that's awesome!

Ljddragon said...

Good for Noah! We have not had that discussion here yet.

Ann said...

It's so hard to toe the line between "in our family, we think people aren't defined by race/culture/orientation/etc" and just ignoring the fact that the culture at large often does really hurtful things to them for who they are. Too far on one side and you risk your kids having a hard time accepting that the people they meet might have really hurtful histories, too far on the other and you risk making it seem like that's a normal and appropriate way to behave (not to mention that they may go out in the world and be told in ways you can't control that it's appropriate behavior!). I truly admire anyone who manages to find the balance.

Ashley said...

 are you saying same sex relationships are not appropriate behavior?

Ann said...

No, I'm saying that many parts of society treat them as if they're not, and that it makes it an important part of how people in those relationships interact with the world. They are forced to navigate a world where they never know if a person they encounter is going to harm them or not.

Ann said...

My point being that it's as important to teach children to be sensitive of the fact that everyone they might encounter may have had oppressive experiences as it is to teach them to be accepting. Simply ignoring difference doesn't account for the fact that people's experiences are different, sometimes in ways that have hurt them.

Desiree Kirtlink said...

Your kids don't know who The Muppets are?  You need to seriously reconsider your parenting style.  Alright, you guys are awesome parents.  Except for the muppet thing.  

Desiree Kirtlink said...

BTW, it's Dez.  For some reason my name isn't showing on that first comment.

lovermont said...

This is something we're very conscious of, particularly in the areas of race. We recently read a study where half a preschool was given red shirts and half blue shirts. Nothing was said about the shirts and no decision was made about the shirts (like those with red shirts go first or whatever). After three weeks the students were asked which shirt was better - there shirt was. Those who wore the same shirt as them were more trustworthy, honorable, giving, caring, etc. The students with the other color shirt could not be trusted. All of this was determined through experience.
What this told the researchers was that there is need for explicit validation of differences in humans or children will draw their own conclusions - and not positive.
At the same time we want to protect our kids to some extent from the world's cruelties. So determining when and how to talk to kids about these issues is a challenge - and so far have come up naturally - like in this case.

lovermont said...

I know. We're totally lacking in our educating. We should get on that!