Friday, May 11, 2012

dining room :: revealed!

Knowing from the walk through before moving to our house that the current wallpaper was busy and dark, I felt confident about a darker color in the south facing dining room.
We chose Benjamin Moore's Dinner Party which seemed like a perfect dining room name.

You know how when you buy a car and then start noticing that car everywhere (well, that hasn't happened with our scion xb, but you know what I mean), the same thing has happened with red dining rooms! Who knew? And I love how the color seems to go with EVERYTHING! I love it with the darker colored furniture and with every single thing we want to hang on the wall. I love this color so much - but with a healthy amount of self discipline I've resisted painting the entire house Dinner Party.




Lppick said...

Love the color!!! It looks fantastic!!! When do we get to see the rest????

lovermont said...

I have the after pictures for two other rooms - I need to clean the kid's room before taking the after picture and my parents room is AWESOME - it's purple! - but we're waiting on their bed and a dresser to come in before that after picture.