Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oreo Love (I knew it!)


I have more proof.
My husband is really trying to fatten me up.
My husband bought me not one, but TWO boxes of oreos for Christmas.
This was his Christmas gift.
From him.
To me.
This is not at all the same as a spice rack (that I love by the way and he's as excited as he can outwardly be).

This is obvious: "I'm trying to fatten my wife"
I still haven't figured out his motivation.
Maybe it isn't a crime so there's no motivation?
What do you think?

And there's more.
Not only did he get me oreos ...
he got double stuffed (one package)
and triple stuffed (the other package)
I didn't even know they made triple stuff!
Oh! And triple stuff is stupendous.
I was nervous I wouldn't like it.
But I did.
Eat-it-all-in-one-day kind of like it.

And there's more.
He brought our children on this oreo-purchasing adventure.
What kind of message is he sending?
I know.
He is starting early.
Teaching them the mission of fattening up their mother.

Oh! And there's more.
My brother is in on it too.
Apparently my husband spoke with my brother and convinced him of the importance of fattening me up too?
I'm not sure.
I'm suspicious.
What I do know is that my brother gifted not one but TWO packages of oreos also.

But, the evidence is gone.
I ate it.
In a week.
No more oreos.
And my body is happy for that.

Oreos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacks in between ... yum! But my body is mad at me for doing that.


I recently read in Mother Earth News that Michael Pollan said in Food Rules that Rule #39 is that you can eat junk food ... you have to make it yourself.
I found a recipe for oreos that's right on (the cookies were soft but the filling was exact).
Pollan's reasoning is that if you make the effort to make your junk food you won't consume so much.
Well, this is true for several reasons.
One is that you had to put in all this effort.
Another reason: when you realize the filling is equal parts shortening, butter, and powdered sugar ... it's a little off putting.

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