Sunday, January 15, 2012

house update


We offered 16k less than the asking price and asked for every appliance (everything but the washer and dryer and extra freezers/refrigerators was included).

They came back and lowered their price 2k, no appliances, and closing date not until March 15th.

We offered 12k less than their asking price, closing March 1st - didn't mention appliances.

They came back and said "no" ... they weren't changing their previous offer.

It felt like all they did was lower the price 2k. What is that? In this housing market ... not gonna fly.

So we walked.

We were feeling hopeful about other options but also sad to let this property go.

Twenty four hours later they offered closing of March 8th and 6k less than their original asking price.

We accepted.

They've agreed to leave a freezer (but I don't think the awesome washer and dryer).

They also recently asked if we'd like their sheep and chickens (I think there are 4-6).

We know they're moving to a more urban area.

The sheep followed us around the barnyard during the first showing and seems fun.

What's 4-6 more chickens?

Sooo ... March 8th.

And we continue to debate farm name ...

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