Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Gifting

Every year I think Ren Man is the Grinch.
It's the gifting that drives him crazy.
I ask for his input and try to get all gifting organized and purchased before December 1st (not this year).
So it's months of harassing Ren Man for ideas for his family. I could pick things, I could, and have. But then that gives Ren Man the ability to complain about decisions I've already made.
So I ask for his help.
This year has been ... well, you know.
So there's been panic and last minute ... and Ren Man avoiding making decisions and disagreements over any decisions made.
So we're really feeling the Christmas spirit.

But this year
I get it.
I get what Ren Man has been talking about all these years.
Why give gifts just to say you did?
It seems so empty.
Why not get something for someone in July when you see something that makes you think of them.
My problem is that it's often an x-coworker, or my second grade teacher, random people that I think of.

So this year, in the middle of all the stress (and holidy-inducing-nervous-break-down) I'm trying to think through gifts. I think I've always been thoughtful in gift giving but this year it feels different. If I can't think of something for someone I don't want to just pick any random thing ... but then to think I could think of NOTHING that someone important enough to gift wouldn't want ...
So I'm trying to think more homemade, more meaningful.
Apple pie.
Homemade candy.
Play dough.
A draw string bag with a homemade game.
And this:


A magnetic spice rack for the side of our fridge. We have SOOO many spices and it's so frustrating seeing if we have what we need or finding what we need. Spice racks are never big enough and the openings to the containers aren't always large enough for a tablespoon to fit in. So this is my solution. A gift to Ren Man. I think he'll be so excited. And because he never reads my blog I don't have to wait until AFTER Christmas to share (but maybe I'll resist sharing the link on facebook).


The awesome thing about this is that we could fill the whole side of the refrigerator. If the side of the refrigerator doesn't work in the future we can get a metal back splash and fill under the cabinets. So exciting! And I've only done 14 so far ... I need to go get more magnets!

And just for a fun comparison ... this is the current state of our spice cupboard ... or the part you can see when you open the cupboard door. Ugh. Can't wait for Christmas!


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