Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Happiness Project :: Final Thoughts


The second half of The Happiness Project seemed to drag more than the first half.
My enthusiasm waned.
To be fair I set up Netflix half way through the book.
But a week after finishing the book I'm still definitely pondering what was read.

Laughing more (even when it's not that funny).
Being me (I love sewing, I do that. I don't love hiking up mountains, so I don't - even though I wish I was a hiker).

I've been thinking about different things that bring happiness. The increased effort put into a happy inducing activity increases happiness more than activities that require less work. So tv watching is low input so lower happiness than say, caring for a dog. At least that's the theory.

The dog is interesting to ponder because of my great want for one before having one and then now feeling not so enamored (we acclimate to our experience so something initially very satisfying - the new dog - soon is a normal part of life and not as happy inducing). But the dog requires me to go outside at least four times a day. My least favorite times to take the dogs out are in the morning (my bed is so warm, my children so snuggly) and at night (I'm tired, it's cold out there, I just want to get into bed with a good book!).
Once I get outside, morning and night are my favorite times to be outside. I would NEVER go out at those times of day if I didn't HAVE to.
Every morning I see the blush of sun rise (and notice as it's coming up earlier and earlier). The sky is soft and glowing and it's all so peaceful and beautiful.
Every night the sky is a deep dark color with clear crisp bright points of light, so so bright in the dark sky. And the moon glows with a soft haze around it, or crisp around the edges depending on the atmosphere.

I'm enjoying these daily rhythms that slow me down and force me into an (initially unwanted) experience that is so peaceful and happy inducing.

I'm doing projects that have been on my to-do list for too long. or "doing what ought to be done"

I started making bread again. I think I'm going to stick with perfect an oatmeal bread recipe.

I'm reading (The Hunger Games, currently)

And I'm staying more cognizant of happiness and what is worth letting go and what is worth fighting for.

Anyone else started a Happiness Project?

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