Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lost on Netflix

1.5 seasons through Lost and ... I'm feeling done.
I was hooked at first.
The idea that everyone has some big, intense back story was interesting.
My back story is not that interesting.
No one has conned me into donating one of my organs.
I haven't actually donated an organ at all - conned or not.
I haven't murdered anyone.
No alcoholic parent.
No drug issues.

I've always loved the story of Swiss Family Robinson.
So it's interesting to watch a group of individuals trying to form a society that is better than Lord of the Flies with some hope of being rescued (the time spent hoping fervently in the beginning of the series I found frustrating - it's seven or so seasons long - surely they don't just get rescued ... get on with making a life on the island!).

Lost lost me when it started getting to confusingly (that's a word, right?) far fetched.

My favorite Netflix love right now is How I met your mother. Can't get enough! Haha! I just discovered that Barney actually has a blog! And I thought this show was fiction!

And this is the update on my Netflix journey ... and the underlying demise of my writing/blogging/life.

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