Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Part of my Happiness goals included starting Christmas gift projects now.

It's hard to make time, though, for things that you feel are enjoyable.

Gretchen, of The Happiness Project talks about this saying that you don't value things you enjoy ... in this family we enjoy reading so feel like the time we spend reading is "frivolous" and not really beneficial or bettering in any way.

Crafting is the same way (although it's more my domain, I think than Ren Man's).

And there is this perfection thing - my project isn't exactly perfect so I feel inhibited.

But then I think about the purpose of the project. Even if the seams aren't perfectly lined up, the project still meets its end goal ... so I keep crafting, creating, making.

The project pictured above, being a Christmas present and all ... no more info is safely shared, unfortunately. But it's making progress!

I did pause to start working on a monumental project that I've ignored for a long time and want DONE before we move.
This monumental project is harassing my perfectionist tendencies (that Ren Man does not believe I have!).
But again, the purpose is to have all the pictures in albums in somewhat the right order ... but more importantly that they are in albums and not loose prints.
So I'll keep stuffing the album .... then get back to the more fun project pictured above!

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