Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Del 3years 10mos

Dear Del,
You're rockin' your new hair cut. It's super cute and it's hard to resist telling you. I'm nervous about saying it too often because I think you're still not "cool" with words like "pretty" and "cute". You're cracking us up, as ever, with your sense of humor. Yesterday on the way to school (a 20-minute ride with continuous dialogue carried almost entirely by you) you informed me that Eden, our dog, had one of your dolls. You took it from Eden and put it far back on your bed so she couldn't reach it ... unless she was a giraffe dog and had a giraffe neck!


You're talking more regularly about your friends at school and you're sad to think that you only have about four more weeks of preschool left until our big move to Upstate NY (it's like there's a state called "New York" which is in and around NYC and then there's "Upstate NY") and we don't plan on finding a preschool for you there. It took you a while to warm up to preschool - it's not that you were anti ... it's just that you seemed not very outgoing or super excited about school. Then you figured school out a bit more and now it seems like you talk to a variety of kids and you make an attempt to visit most of the stations (painting, cooking, snack, computers, "babies", and lots and lots of book time). But we're not feeling totally excited about this school or maybe just about you being at preschool. Part of the appeal for us with Noah was that he was was at a co-op (your preschool is not) and that he had consistency across his preschool years. I'm sad for you but also happy to have more time with you! Noah and I miss you when you're at school and we can't wait to include you more in what we're doing in the morning.


You and I are similar in so many ways. It's fun to pull out pictures from when I was your age and see the similarities. It's also fun to listen to you jabber on-and-on and know exactly where that came from (and it definitely isn't your dad!). It's great to see how important relationships are for you and watch as you interact with others to foster those relationships. Let's talk about mornings. This is our one difference (so far). You are a morning person. I am not. At all. You wake up in the morning and you are ready! You can usually last until 7am but then it's all about the oatmeal (okay 2 things different between us). You want breakfast asap and you want it to be oatmeal. Oh! And you want to push the buttons on the microwave, put in the sugar, and stir. When I'm up with you (protesting mildly and only when Daddy is at the barn) I remind you to be quiet. I want to wake up minimally and then go get back in my warm bed ... and Noah is still in bed. You are easily able to keep a quiet voice and move your bowl slowly so as not to be too noisy. When you get up with Daddy (most mornings of the week), it's terrible. The two of you chat in full volume voices and clang around with bowls and the microwave door like it's a reasonable hour to be making such noise. I'm thinking about tramping about the house and wrestling with Noah late into the night. Kidding. I really need you to get your sleep because you really need to get your sleep because you are up by 7am more often than not. Morning person! Ha!


I'm so excited about your relationship with Noah. You're both happy to include the other in whatever adventure you're dreaming up and you're also both able to negotiate and work things out - for the most part. The trickiest part is when you both want to talk at the same time. I remember that. From when I was a kid. Oh, and now, when you and I want to talk at the same time. I still get a kick out of you carrying around dolls (something Noah has n.e.v.e.r done, even with encouragement) and also concentrating hard on building structures with Noah. People talk about wanting their kids to be close and equating that with close-in-age. I don't buy it. I've seen several sibling sets that are very close even with 4+year age gaps. Right now, when you're young, maybe being close in age helps some, but you still have individual age-appropriate interests right now. I just hope as you grow your relationship continues to strengthen. As it is now, your friendship is something that every person can hope to attain with another.


Your confidence with other people is always a surprise. You often follow Noah's lead so if you see him hesitate, you do too. Less so as you get older but you still react in response to his behavior around people. This month we had two families over for dinner - one of the dad's you had never met. I was proud and surprised when I realized you had captured the attention of everyone at the table with a story you were relaying to this man you'd never met. Your confidence was something to be proud of, for sure. I was also proud of the dad who may or may not have understood entirely what you were saying. I think so (he also has an almost-four-year-old and you two sound so similar to me in your speech!).


Grammy is calling you a "Susie Homemaker" and I have no idea where you picked up things like vacuuming, washing dishes, cooking, putting babies to bed .... this is not something you've learned from me, that's for sure! You regularly "make" ice tea in your kitchen - and add lemon to make it extra special. Pizza is also a popular dish that comes out of your kitchen. You love to push around the vacuum, on or off. You are very enthusiastic about washing dishes and you and Noah have washed them once by yourselves - a couple of dishes, anyway. Must remember to be patient as you both learn this "fun" task as it will be much harder, I'm guessing, to convince you of the "fun" when you're older.


You told me that you like it when I say "I love you" but you don't like kisses or hugs. It's so hard to resist kissing you! and hugging you! But every time I do you remind me: "remember mom? I told you? I love it when you say: "I love you" but NOOO kisses!"

So sadly, no kisses, but lots of "I love you!"'s,

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