Friday, March 15, 2013

funny: A reason to distrust peanut butter


We have a lot more snow than in the picture above.
A lot.
And Eden (above) LOVES snow.
She rolls in it, gallops through it, relishes everything about snow - including gulping down mouthfuls regularly.

She started wiping at her ear a lot and wining when she did that. She also started shaking her head frantically.
I took a peak.
Bright red and painful looking under those floppy ears.

An exciting trip to the vet (with all three dogs, because why go with one when all three need to go) and a shocking vet bill later (3 big dogs are pricey when you let them loose at the vet with your credit card) and it was confirmed.

Ear infection for poor Eden. There was talk of yeast growing in her ear - likely from snow that melted after entering her ear after her enthusiastic romps through the snow.

Likely something we'll deal with for her whole life.

I've just started getting into kefir ... apparently it helps with yeast? I'm thinking about putting some right in her ear ... thoughts?

But I didn't have the courage to ask the vet about kefir and he sent us home with drops and an antibiotic.

Here's where the funny starts:
We wrap the antibiotic in peanut butter and let her lick it off the spoon.
What a life.
This is doggy bliss.
She gets to play in the snow (for 6mos a year, no less, given our location) AND spoonfuls (don't tell her, but it's like 1/32 of a spoonful) of peanut butter.
Lucky dog.

Ren Man and I had a farmer's market day (once a month in the winter) and Eden needs her antibiotic every 8hrs. We gave my mom the instructions and with Del's promise to help, everyone knew Eden would get her medicine.

So my mom decided to split the pill and mix it with the peanut butter. She thought that would be yummier and make it easier.

Eden enthusiastically licked her peanut butter and then hit a medicine spot and paused.
With encouragement, she reluctantly finished her peanut butter.

Here's where the funny part REALLY starts:
That night I brought her a spoon of peanut butter with her medicine tucked inside.
She eyed it skeptically.
She was definitely uncertain about the benefits of peanut butter compared to the risk of that yuck taste.
She tentatively licked.
And licked again.
And soon the whole spoon was licked clean.

Del tells me daddy has started hiding the medicine in cheese instead.

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