Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I've definitely been hibernating!
But it's getting warmer.
Spring is coming. Or as the kids would say: spring is here - and we STILL have snow!!
Piglets are almost 8 weeks old.
One set of lambs have been born.

Today is Del's birthday and she loved hearing her birth story on the way to preschool. When Noah stopped the story to ask a question, Del was quick to suggest I keep relaying the story. They both liked hearing about their role in the story.

It's so crazy that she's five today. FIVE. I feel like she's been here WAY longer than that :) I also think that's the expiration date on birthing more babies. It's all complicated, our feelings on the number of children to birth, but this feels like a milestone to say: "okay, we're done".
Hmmm .... that whole thing probably requires it's own blog entry.

Del was excited to bring brownie cupcakes with fancy blue frosting for a snack at preschool. Her teacher's were thrilled the cupcakes were gluten free, as they both are too.
After school we're going to meet up with my parents, brother, and Ren Man for some yummy lunch at a restaurant Del requested. Her initial request was Chinese buffet - which thrills Ren Man, and makes me gag at the thought. So the change in venue was welcome.

I think it's appropriate to re-visit the "monthly" letters as annual birthday letters ... so that's to come. I just checked and there were 100 monthly letters written. That's a nice lovely number, I think.
In the meantime, Noah and I are chilling at the library - excited to see Del at the end of her school day around noon!

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