Friday, March 8, 2013

A year ago ...


A year ago I was a lot more stressed but was looking at the light at the end of the tunnel.
March 8, 2012 was the day we closed on this farm.
It was a big busy day of moving and then Josh went back to the place we were living to take care of farm chores there while I stayed here with the kids to start the big wallpaper removal and painting jobs.
The kids slept on the floor of one bedroom in sleeping bags, and I slept on a different bedroom floor in a sleeping bag.
The house was big and cold and empty, save our sleeping bags and overnight bags ..... and the entryway that was packed with all of our belongings - waiting for rooms to be painted before the belongings were put in their place.
My parents stayed in a hotel room so they could get to work more easily while I stripped their room of wallpaper (with lots of their help and Josh's mom's help) and then painted it Benjamin Moore's Iced Mauve.

In the last year we bought two cows, watched one of those cows birth TWINS, survived a winter farming in the adirondacks, felt completely supported by our new community, connected with an awesome homeschooling group, went camping for the first time with kids, hung Christmas lights, hosted an awesome summer solstice party, have the beginnings of awesome photography enthusiasm, started fostering, participated in organized sports .... you get the idea! What a full full year. And ... did I mention I'm not as stressed as I was a year ago.

It was hard to give up our "plan" of moving to VT and raising our family there. The whole year in Vermont was so painful and hard .... but it had to be ... or we wouldn't have adjusted our plan to include this move and this farm and this community. We're so so so thrilled to be here.


Lppick said...

Congratulations on the first anniversary of your move!  You've done a boat load of work in that year!!!! I still can't get over how quickly you polished off painting all of those rooms! I like the color you painted your parents' room. I had been wondering what
color you had chosen. Did you paint the kitchen or leave it as is? Best wishes for a wonderful upcoming second year at Woven Meadows!

lovermont said...

The kitchen is still as-is. I kind of want to change the layout so it's an eat-in kitchen .... but I don't think anyone else wants that. I think we've talked about doing purple or yellow for the kitchen ... but we haven't made the time for a change (which I thought would happen - thus the motivation for making the changes that seemed essential, immediately!