Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Farm Name

The purchase and sale is being signed TODAY for my parents' house in MA. Yay, yay!
So we're heating up the "looking for a perfect property" search.
We think we've found it but want to go have one more look at it before making an offer.
We're super excited about this property and are so excited about what is to come.

So even before we've made an offer I'm thinking about farm names. We'll have to come up with one. I've google searched the farm's history but all I'm finding is the listing information. So no inspiration there.
It sits on a slight rise, has half woods and half open meadow, the house was built over 140 years ago ... I'm trying to think of anything else that might help with naming. We're definitely planning on a grass fed, diversified, locally marketed farm.

I like "meadow" and "acres" and "hollow" (even though it's not in a hollow).
We plan to use the same logo we use now - just have different words.

Help! My dad is suggesting "Saggy Bottom Farm" --- see, help needed ;)

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