Monday, January 16, 2012

Farm Name Update

This is what we've got on our list so far (that Ren Man is vetoe-ing, much like naming our children where I suggest, suggest, suggest, and vetoes, vetoes, vetoes. When he finally make a suggestion I leap on it! - trying to avoid that ...)

- First list is for you to see with no background, what's your first impression - thoughts? likes? dislikes? connotations that come to mind?
Following that is a list with our current thought process around each name

Roots and Shoots


Fine View Farm

Pocket Farm


Something with "Cricket" or "Chirp" in the name - not sure what yet

Green Porch Farm

Fields and Friends Farm

Roots and Shoots Farm - maybe too cutesy? but speaking to the past and future - generations, learning from elders and experimenting with "new" farming practices, as well as literal plants and animals growing on the farm (Ren Man is wondering if this is too vegetable oriented)

Wedgewood - the property is in a corner/wedge and is half wooded (Ren Man says this makes him think of wedgies)

Fine View Farm (thanks for this recommendation, Sheba) - love the FVF initials

Pocket Farm - again, it's in a corner/wedge and it's small

Thistledew - say it out loud. I love this but my there is concerned that it represents some Scottish connection (that we don't have)

Something with "Cricket or "Chirp" - love these words and the implication of something little doing great things

Green Porch Farm (thanks for this recommendation, Kira) - this is the one name Ren Man hasn't vetoed. The rest of us aren't in love with it. I like the sense of community that I feel a porch implies and Ren Man likes the double meaning (green living, etc).

Fields and Friends Farm (a recent suggestion by Ren Man)

So the discussion continues ....

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