Tuesday, December 20, 2011

deodorant making

I first made deodorant with friends in RI after talking about how we all wanted a natural deodorant that actually worked.
Then someone suggested this recipe.
Everyone came over one night and we I made deodorant. I didn't look at the recipe before having everyone over beyond getting the necessary ingredients (and asking people to bring oils, corn starch, and baking powder). It was so easy to make and wasn't really a multi-person job so instead we had a fun excuse to get together and send people home with deodorant pucks.
I am this close to running out of my beloved deodorant that I've been using for about a year now.
So time to make some more.
This time, rather sadly, it was a rushed affair with no fun chatting.
Never-the-less, the result was more beloved deodorant.


The whole process: ingredients, dry ingredients mixed, butters added, everything melted and mixed, and the resulting pucks after freezing in muffin tins.

There are only three pucks because I scrounged up a used deodorant dispenser and put the rest in there - and it works! So much easier than the pucks.

Note to self: purchase more shea butter before sometime next year or maybe the year after as you finished the shea butter you had making this batch.

ps I would love to re-post the recipe but I haven't asked Angry Chicken and I really want her to get all the credit for this awesome recipe. I should comment on her blog though thanking her profusely ... but the comments are closed on that blog entry.

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