Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Del 3years 9 mos

Dear Delicious Del,
Oh! The yelling. You yell. I yell. We get angry and frustrated with each other. We're talking about it though and trying to come up with solutions so we're less frustrated with each other.


You're also the one rubbing my back with your tiny 3-year-old-hands and giving me a million kisses all over, just to be silly. It's like you can't feel compassionate kindness without the opposite passionate anger. The whole extreme package. And in so many ways we're similar so I assume my passion is just as extreme ... I just don't think I yelled so much.

Maybe I'm a bad influence. When I'm not around the passion is not so intense. Everyone else comments about how mature you are and how independently you play. Maybe you feel safe to not be on your best behavior with me? You're counting by 10's at school, telling Daddy not to look while you strip to nothing to transform yourself into "naked fairy". You prance around the house with little to no clothes on while I wear 17 layers. Inner warmth, my friend.


Your imaginative play has sky rocketed. It's so adorable to hear you talk in two different voices - one deep, one high, one scolding, one pleading, etc. Cute, cute. You also talk about "my kids" and send them to bed and read them stories. You sit by yourself looking through books whispering. I think you might be "reading" them, but I'm not positive - you talk to quiet - and I don't want you to know I see you because I know if you knew you'd be growl at me. You don't like being called "pretty" (still) and growl at people who call you pretty. You prefer being "cool".


You love painting and drawing and cutting and glueing and sometimes play-dough-ing. You create all sorts of things, mostly of the drawing variety.
You have a crazy sweet tooth and regularly beg for chocolate.
Your teachers at school say you have everyone in line at school and the same is true at home, in fact, even the animals. Eden is twice as heavy as you and she comes when you call and sits when you tell her to. You often call her to you and then yell: "No! EDEN! I don't want you near me!!" Brynn is the same way. She definitely is "your" cat. She thinks so and we all think so too. She spends a lot of time with you, prefers to sleep with you, and lets you pick her up. Almost every night you call for us to take Brynn away from your bed ... or to bring her to your bed.


You love playing with Noah and are usually agreeable to whatever schemes he dreams up. You will tuck a dagger in your belt loop, tucked under your fairy costume (that sometimes includes clothes) and find Brynn to come and help you fight bad guys with Noah. If Noah's doing it, you want to too. Unless you don't, and then you let him know. It's so cool to hear you two working through disagreements and discussing various scenarios and who is pretending what. You look up to him and he teaches you all kinds of things about the world ... and vice versa.


You love love being read to and have enjoyed all the new books you got for Christmas and the books on Mommy's new e-reader. You love your "looking time" after book reading at the end of the day.

It's amazing to see how little you and Noah seem affected by all the changes in our lives over the last 8 months or so and there are more big changes to come before we're finally settled. I'm so glad you're on this journey with us and I delight to see you quickly acclimate to every change. I suppose for you it seems normal to have had so many transitions in one year. Thanks for being you.

We love you a million million,

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