Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Growth :: and an explanation

We've arrived at our new house!! We arrived late last night and the plan is to coerce family that are over for Easter Dinner to help with the unpacking.
I also am hoping/planning to get up early early tomorrow to start milking with "the farmer".

Yesterday was a sad sad day. I was sad to leave familiar resources and an invaluable support network.

But it doesn't mean this isn't what I want.
I thought I should explain ...

Ren Man never had any plans to farm.
I always had planned to farm.
When we started "dating" (a whole other story!) and it came out that Ren Man grew up on a farm ...
The rest is history, really.
History of a certain person saying we'd farm and this is how we'd do it. And another certain person listening and learning that there was an alternative to the conventional farming that has been done for a couple of generations on this farm.
We're excited about diversifying, bringing more sustainable practices to the farm, and relying more on grass.
And we're living the dream (we keep being told this). It doesn't mean it's without challenges but we're finally finally starting our "real life"!
So much to do!

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