Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kid Speak

Mommy: I love ice cream sundaes, do you?
Ark Boy: No. I like ice cream everyday.
Farm Girl: I like ice cream Wednesdays.

Ark Boy: you and me are both nightmares.
(a little confused after I explained that we're both night people and Farm Girl and Ren Man are both morning people)

Farm Girl: I think I'm going to win, or Ark Boy's going to win, or maybe Mommy
- prediction when playing a game with Ark Boy and Mommy

Ark Boy: Those could look very much like swords
- on chopsticks

Farm Girl: We don't take pictures of people's butts
- basic photography 101

On cleaning radiators:
Farm Girl: I'm cleaning this radio
Ark Boy: It's NOT a RADIO, it's a RADIER!

Farm Girl: Can you help me, because I'm freaking out.

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