Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Del 25 months

Dear Del-Del,
K, now you're serious about this growing up thing. I can't believe you're beyond the two-year mark! It's mind blowing. I really need to stop calling you "Baby". I'm working on it but it's such a hard habit to break. You don't mind but it's like when we called Noah "Buddy" - it's just not a nickname I want to stick.


You're a funny mix of so-grown-up-two-year-old and definitely-still-the-same-'ol-Del. You're still so sure about what you want... and choose to use a loud yell to exclaim over your wishes (demands?) rather than attempting alternative communication methods. It's funny because this month Nina asked if we were worried because your words aren't clearer. The next day Grammy came to visit and was amazed at how well you articulated. So I think you're a mix. Usually your meaning is clear in the context. When you make random proclamations we sometimes have trouble decoding your meaning.


You learn more and more about the world every day. I unearthed some cassette tapes recently and (painfully) decided to toss some. You picked one from the discard pile and put it to your lips to blow. When that side didn't work you turned it to the opposite side to attempt the blow again. Guess cassette tapes don't work quite like harmonicas.

You're in love with babies. The thing is, as big and toddler-y as you are... babies still tend to be your size when you sit down and get them all comfy in your lap. When we see pictures of babies (and this doesn't apply only to babies) you will reach for the picture and insist that you hold it. Yeah, it's hard to explain why you can't hold the baby in the picture when you so firmly believe that it's possible.


And then you're super independent. I say you're my more high strung kid but then about half the time, you're not. So I guess you both share that label equally. And everyone is always telling me how you're both so easy going. Sometimes it's hard to see when we're doing day-to-day life. But then when I realize I haven't seen you for an hour because you've been drawing or rearranging the metal bowls all around the tiled kitchen floor (loudly). You seem to think that naps are a 20-40 minute affair these days which I think adds to the crank factor when we're home. Oh, and wake-up is promptly at 5:45am. Yes, we've been a little cranky lately. When we get out of the house the crank hides (very clever, no one believes that the chill 2-year old who's still smiling past her bedtime when we're at a friend's for dinner is not a cheery toddler all the time). It does make things easier. I'd prefer that than the reverse (and constantly having to say: she's never like this at home! -- oh wait, I do say that).


You're a fun mix of everything that makes you you and I love getting to know you more and more every day.

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