Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dear Rye :: 3mos

Dear Rye,
And just like that, the fourth trimester is done. It was not as easy as the first trimester but definitely a lot more fun - and a lot easier than the second or third trimesters.
It's been a whirlwind of a month! In the very first week of this month you went on your first camping trip - but we took it easy for the first adventure. It was homeschool camp with lots of willing grownups to help ... and cabins. This was our third year going to this camp and it was so crazy thinking that the year before we didn't have birth or pregnancy or YOU on our radar at ALL. You charmed everyone and we all talked about how it's going to be very different next year. You'll have stronger opinions and you'll probably have just started walking. So this year I made sure to spend a few afternoons down on the dock. I went swimming one afternoon because it was so unexpectedly hot and you were not picky about whose arms you were in. And you were such an awesome easy-going baby the whole week. You slept well, you ate well, you smiled some. And that is the week that confirmed that you are an outdoors-y baby. We spent so much time outside and you were so relaxed.

You continue to be an amazingly easy baby. But when you are crying, the trick is to bring you outside. You immediately relax.
I tell people all the time, when they ask how you're sleeping, that I can't tell them. It's because I don't want them to feel bad. Because I remember how hard it was to have a baby that doesn't sleep in large chunks. I don't know how I could do my life if that was the kind of sleeper you were. But you're not. You go to bed, and you usually wake up sometime between 1:30-4:30 the first time. Sometimes you wake up again, sometimes you don't. It's amazing. So much so that you often are in bed before me asleep (!!) and I wake up before you to get milking done before you wake up! Often we're home late - and the later it gets in the day, the crankier you get - and I nurse you, swaddle you, and lay you in the cradle next to our bed. Then Noah stays in our bed to help keep the pacifier in your mouth, if you need it, and I go out to do night milking.

We think you may have started teething - at least feeling the effects of teeth working their way through. You're drooling a lot and not as easily soothed without breastfeeding. But you seem to overeat because you've started spitting up more ... all very similar to how Noah was as a baby. He got teeth around 5months old, and you seem to follow his patterns pretty closely. Poor baby.

On the other hand you are full of smiles and you coo in large chunks every day. It's very very adorable. Especially as you got to the end of the month.
You don't like the car. Especially the later it gets in the day. Del always insists on going with us whenever possible, but then often feels frustrated and annoyed at your crying. There are very few times you'll accept a pacifier and the car is not usually one of those times.

In other news, we opened our farm store/coffee shop/bakery this month. See? It's been a busy month. This just means more admirers for you. Everyone comment on your small size and many ask if you're a boy or a girl - I appreciate that you aren't too gendered. You sleep on my back often as I move around making a drink or unloading dishes, or chatting with a customer. I tried spreading your legs around my hips instead of froggying your legs while wearing you, but you're still too small. That's okay with me! I weighed you on the market scale and your a little over 10lbs - that's heavy enough for all the babywearing we do. Even with your small size, you're starting to grow out of your tie-dye! Sad sad. It's going to be hard to hand that down to another family. It's been so much part of you!

You love ceiling fans. You coo and laugh at them, opening your eyes wide. Nina says I was quite fascinated by them at your age.
Your hair has thinned some and has started sticking up in a fauxhawk sort of way and curled on the tip. I remember really wanting the older two kids to grow up! I was so curious what they would be at 2yrs old, at 4, at 10 ... With you, it's all going by so much quicker. I'm embracing the present so much more. I'm excited about knowing the 2, 4, 10 year old you, but that time will come soon enough. Right now I'm totally in love with this tiny nursing (right at this moment!) 3 month old Baby Rye.
Always, always,

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