Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Going with the flow


Teeth brushing is important.
For us.
We think it's non-negotiable.
So the kids brush their teeth every night.
We'd like it to be twice a day.
Hasn't happened yet.
It's at night.
Every night.
And every night a certain boy fights it.
He usually says: "I'm not ready yet"
We try to respect that because when he is "ready" (approximately a minute later) he's much more cooperative.
It lets him have a sense of control and is a more pleasant experience for all (meanwhile Farm Girl is brushing her own teeth standing on the toilet, leaning over the sink).


I recently discovered
as we try to implement morning teeth brushing
that mornings are way more pleasant in the teeth brushing department.
He's less tired.
He's more cooperative.
He's happy to brush his own teeth.
So we go with the flow, and switch it up, right?

Yeah, in theory.
But we're also creatures of habit and I keep forgetting in the morning!

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Shalonne said...

I totally get this - I keep forgetting to brush Sam's teeth and feel really bad about that. Warren forgets too. He's happy to do it, we just forget. Heck, I forget my own half the time when I don't have anywhere to go during the day...hence many new cavaties :( If you come up with a way to remember, let me know!