Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Noah 4 Years Old!!!

Dear Mr. 4-year-old,
How did this happen?! I know it's been coming and it's not a big deal... but suddenly today it is a big deal. I'm feeling all emotional and that my ideal day would involve snuggling with you on my lap all day. But then, you're 4, right, so snuggling on my lap for extended periods of time is just not for you - that ended at approximately 2mos of age.
And really, that's a good thing.
I love having you as a four year old! It's just amazing to me that I have a four year old!
Maybe it's more to have one more day of you as a newborn. Maybe that should happen every year. You have one hour per year you've passed, so we hang out with the newborn Noah, the 1-year old Noah, the 2-year old Noah, etc. I don't know what would happen past 24 yrs...


And when I get home from work this afternoon I'm expecting to see you zooming around the driveway on your brand new bike that you were so excited about putting together when you opened it this morning. When Daddy explained that the living room needed to be cleaned up a bit first and that you needed to help... suddenly you were too tired. This is the new thing - when there's an activity you'd like to avoid suddenly you are too tired. Suspicous my friend. But we roll with it. We say, whenever you feel like you're not tired we can get up and complete this task, it will wait for us.... and then often mom and dad forget. You know the game, you're working it. We'll work on remembering.


The two big events - I think - of this month would be that we got 4 new chicks and you are doing so well holding them! Your very favorite is Luna, a barred rock. We'll see if that continues.
The other big thing is that we went to NYC. It was so fun to walk around with you and watch you play on THREE different playgrounds throughout the day. I was amazed when you were telling us things you remembered about Chicago (mostly about the airplane ride, you were confused that our friends were in a hotel so apparently you don't remember that part of our stay in Chicago).

You're still rockin' this big brother gig, telling Del we'll be almost home when she's begging for home in the car... but sometimes yelling at her because you want some space. We talk about how the living room/office/kitchen are spaces for everyone; if you need a break you can go to a bedroom and shut the door. You also recently yelled at Del to tell her pee goes in the potty. Not really the technique we were going for but she seems not any worse for wear.


You're very in to other children who are Del's age, which is hilarious because, while you like to spend time with Del you aren't nearly as enthusiastic as with say Leo or Cooper. Yesterday we spent brief moments with another family who has a baby less than a year old. When I held her you wanted her to hold your finger so very much.

You're still loving school and literally jump out of bed in the morning to get ready for school. Your teacher says you walk a fine line between following school rules and getting rambunctious with friends. If you slip on to the wrong side of that line you are quick to recognize your mistake and apologize.


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