Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear Del 22 months

Dear Del-Del,
I realized falling asleep last night that somehow the 27th slipped by unnoticed on my part and a letter was due!
My friend, you have continue to amaze. Really, truly. You've had a couple of grouchy days for the last week or so with this crazy cold that has come through and knocked 3/4 of us to the ground! It doesn't help that your brother is up for hours almost nightly and eventually his yelling (Mommy! I need a drink!... Mommy! Fix my covers, no I don't want that blanket...etc) wake you. You're very very quick to resettle but even so, I'm assuming that this broken sleep affects you. And then! You continue to think that if you've slept a wink then your nap is done. So if you fall asleep on the way home from playgroup (for example), you're impossible to tranfer, and you feel like napping is done for the day- even if it was just a 10-minute nap. And generally, even on the regular-at-home kind of day, often the nap is only an hour.

You just -as in today- (so maybe this is really for your next letter?) started saying "no" instead of "mo". An era has passed. And that's not the only change in speech. You also started telling us that "bow" says "boo" they now say "moo". Apparently it's an /m/ confusion. And if we're not understanding what you're saying- well, you just sign it -enthusiastically! But Daddy thinks you're getting lazy with your signing and talking instead even when the verbal word isn't so clear. To be fair though, we're also lazy with our signing in that we don't sign to you anymore.

You are full of hugs and kisses for those who ask... as long as you've had some time to warm up, you love carrying around stuffed animals and dolls, drawing, reading to yourself, racing cars around, dancing, putting toys away, helping with cooking and washing dishes. You're still very able to demand what you want (Noah gets his fair share of demands) and you're both able to trade and are quick to share, once you see the other is really really sad about not getting the preferred toy.

Your hair is getting long enough that it's falling in your eyes so I try to pig-tail or hair clip it as often as possible and you've gotten better about allowing that (Noah really really wants you to have a horse-tail (ponytail) but your hair isn't quite long enough). You love wearing boots and will insist on wearing your rain or snow boots around the house. You often want to pick out your own clothes- really? Already!? I try not to pout when I can't dress you like a living doll.

I'm amazed with your ability to say "me" and "you"- I don't know why I find it so incredible, but I do. You tried to say "hi" to the baby swinging next to you at the park this week- she didn't respond. To be fair she probably wasn't yet a year. You love being included in everything, especially trips out of the house. If I'm getting my coat on to go somewhere you really really want to come to. You often do stiff-legs and I have to manhandle you in to the car seat which is frustrating for us both. You need to gain about 10lbs and we could turn your seat which I think might limit the stiff-leg-I-don't-want-to-sit action... but maybe not.

I love you love you love you and I'm enjoying hearing what's going on inside your head as you talk more and more.

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