Friday, January 22, 2010

For Mike

Two things made this entry possible/necessary:
1. there's a blog that I love to read because the mom is frank, honest, direct... lots of good things. So I see a lot of: this is my life- this part is amazing, this part sucks, and that's life.
Not a lot of the: being a mom is the best thing ever, it was what I was made to do, life couldn't be more natural than this.... gag.
She recently wrote a post about how awesome she is, perhaps the best mom ever (very tongue in cheek), because she got out paints to do a project with her boys but when the boys got paint-y handprints on the couch she realized she was not the best mom ever because the best mom ever would have covered the house in plastic. Love it.
This is a fantastic contrast and dose of reality when seeing masses of mommy blogs that talk about all the wonderful and perfect projects the super mom did with her children.

2. we (the kids and I) recently went to see our very good friends of ours (the mom, Kate and kid part of their family) and after Farm Girl spilled a smoothie all over the place (carpet involved, literally from one end of the room to the other, very impressive mess) Kate commented that her husband, Mike, thinks their kids are messy and she just wishes he could see other kids....
proud that my kids are not so neat but also wondering what comment this is on my kid's messy-factor when in general I think they are pretty neat... when compared to other kids.
But maybe we all do that- tell ourselves that the kid that is *our* kid is the best- mess factor and all.

So introduce the paints... finger paints no less.

So here's the confession: yes, I was stressed and it was a project that lasted less than 10 minutes, I'm sure.
Poor Farm Girl would probably do something like this all day, Ark Boy had 3 fingerprints on his paper and was saying he was done.

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wifemotherexpletive said...

no mess is good mess. all mess is good mess. some is..good mess. i got all messed up.. thanks for liking my stories..rambles. good on you for trying the painting.. fyi: mine lasts about 10 minutes too... :)