Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

That's right.
I said Christmas.
I asked Ren Man on Solstice if we were going to wait until next year to switch to Solstice.
Evidently he thought his snickering at my Solstice idea was hint enough that he doesn't want to switch at all.
No time to worry about that now.
(Did I just say this in the last entry... feel like I'm repeating myself)
Wanted to test out a studio set up we have this morning.
I couldn't get Noah to smile at the camera without doing a fake smile.
Asking him to laugh wasn't much better:

Del wanted nothing to do with the hat.
Mostly I wanted to do these to be able to compare it to the pictures of Noah we did for his first Christmas.
A baby a month or so older is not as co-operative...
or maybe she's just not as willing to sit naked and have her picture done.

and from Noah's first Christmas (for those that are interested):

see- I think he was less mobile... that helped.

Anyway- I didn't want to double post so if you want to see the best of the 3 minute Noah and Del shoot you can check them out at the Brown Eyed Photography blog.
We'll be on a internet hiatus as of tomorrow...
hope everyone has a relaxing Christmas and New Year!

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