Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More projects

Did you know?
TOMORROW is Christmas Eve!?!?
And for the record: Ren Man scoffs at my Solstice Celebration instead of Christmas.
No time to worry about that now though.
Too much to do.
Here are some more Christmas projects that are done:
Letters for Miss Del

A toy for Del... another March '08 baby is also getting one... hope they like it.

And three sets of trivets.
One for Great Grammy and Great Grampy

One set created by the boy who has discovered he loves painting (Ark Boy, not Ren Man) for Uncle Evan)

And a set for scientist relatives who have a new house

A pyrex dish with etching- it's a yankee swap gift. Ren Man thinks it's dumb. I think it's great. He ended up doing it in the end because I couldn't wield the x-acto knife precisely enough. I think we're going to add some brownie mix type stuff to the gift.

And this?
This is so cool!
Ren Man was all unsure abou this idea but I think they turned out great- and yes- it was my idea but Ren Man ended up doing this one too:
It's blocks with the picture pasted to it. Each side of the blocks has a different picture. Here's another example:

cool, huh?

And another gift for Del... maybe it's hard to tell... it's a mirror with positive atributes/hopes we have for her

And I think that might be it! Just some last minute touch up stuff to do and wrapping.
I want to be starting this stuff in July next year!

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Melissa said...

Great projects! I especially liked the photo blocks.I have enjoyed perusing your blog- nice photos, good comments, interesting links. I'm new to the blogging world, and having lots of fun reading through everyone's posts. Thanks!

Lauriebelle said...

They're all fantastic but my favorite is the etched baking dish....I think it rocks!