Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dear Del- 9 months

Dear Big Girl,
Wow! What a month! And during the craziness of holiday stuff you turned 9 months old!!! That's amazing. You've now spent more time outside the womb than in and it just gets more and more fun to see you develop into you. Sorry the letter is late- we were at Grammy and Grampy's... aka: the land of dial-up... *shudder*.
We keep saying that you are a "normal" baby- as oppose to what your brother was. You're into toys, playing peek a boo, and... sleeping.

Actually- let's talk about this sleeping thing. You amazed us from birth because you... *shock*... slept, unlike your aformentioned brother. We encouraged this wonderful feature in the baby model 2.0 but you made it super easy.
Then this month came.
To be fair this change in sleep has been gradual... you've become.... less interested in solid sleep.
So Mommy is more tired... and I'll admit it.... crabby.
I've also been hearing moms with babies that are close to a year and a half bemoaning the night weaning process. And then more mainstream moms are expressing shock that you are waking in the night.
So I start doubting myself.
And thought- why not start night weaning now?
Typically, early on in the month, you were waking up every 1/2 hour for a couple hours straight (usually between 12-2 or 1-3... and I'd like to note that the fact that there was any regularity what so ever does show an improvement over the sleep patterns of the brother who shall remain nameless- but none-the-less...) meaning I wasn't sleeping for 2 hours in the middle of the night. Thus... crabbiness. It wasn't that you wanted to nurse. Just that you needed a back rub or rocking or.... well, the list is really long.... all the things I would do to get you back to sleep. So finally I decided to try night weaning. My goal was to go 12-5 with no nursing. You were up for a couple hours (like normal) but you didn't nurse from about 10 to 6:30 the first night. Very cool. Still awake in the night but night weaning seems to be the first step. The next night you went 11-5. Anyway, all the details get boring, right? The point is- we seem to be on the right track.

And then you grin and it's hard to remember for a minute that I feel tired and crabby. You are a crawling machine and pull up on everything. You love your Mommy and Daddy and are not always so sure about being held by someone else... at least at first. We spent a week at Grammy and Grampy's. When we went to Great Grammy's for Christmas with the whole family you were very uncertain- especially if a man looked at you. Often you would burst into tears. Less than a week later when we were at Great Grammy's again- this time for New Year's- I barely held you all day. In fact- you fell asleep on Uncle Philip's fiance! I hardly knew what to do with myself with no one to hold. It was very heart-warming to see you sweetly snuggled into Lisette's neck fast asleep.

You are amazing us with your social skills. You now sign milk fairly regularly- but it looks more like the sign for drink. There's also a "aaaahhhh" sound that goes with it so even when I can't see you (like when we're driving)I know when you're asking for milk. You also have started making a kissing sound about 10 seconds after we kiss you. Very funny.
Speaking of the brother we're not talking about... it's so fascinating seeing your relationship develop with him. If you're sad he will often try to do something to make you laugh. He's also very good at making you sad.... usually by bopping you or taking something you're playing with. If he does something to make you mad you let out a very specific angry sound. I can always tell from the other room that he's up to something that has upset you. I hope you continue to be just as vocal and clear about your needs and feelings as you grow. It's so cool to see you form your own opinions even now.
It was interesting to watch you over Christmas as you interacted with family. We spent most of Christmas day with Nina, Poobah, and co. and you entertained them all with your big grin and scrunched up nose.
We were talking, while in Vermont, with your Great Grammy (Gillis) and she reminded us that you are only the 4th great granddaughter out of 16 great grand children. It reminded me again of just how happy I am to have you.
I love you more and more and more and more to infinity!
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