Monday, October 27, 2008


I never get sick.
When morning sickness started with Ark Boy and I was puking once a day I tried to remember the last time I'd thrown up.
I was 14.
I wasn't sick.
Small intestine was blocked- that tends to have a puking effect- and I needed surgery.
So I never get sick.
Ren Man is also rarely sick.

Today- this week- I'm sick.
This is probably the 6th time since Ark Boy's birth.
I've had an out both ends illness several times.
This time it's a super bad cold.
I asked my mom about this.
She said it's exhaustion.
Sounds about right.
The thing is- having rarely been ill- I'm not sure what normal sick protocol is.
So we go about our daily lives as best as possible.
I feel like my head is heavy, my throat is burning, and something is wrong with my nose.
Liquid keeps coming out.
But we went to playgroup this morning.
Oh hush.
It was outside.
Minimize germ spread.
Plus my kids aren't sick and other kids need to be exposed to germs.
Then we came home (around 2:30.... the playgroup started a little after 10- I love our playgroup (shhh- it's really a moms group where we just happen to also bring our children).
Then a dash to the post office.
Wearing hot baby on newly tattoo'ed back....
not the most comfortable thing in the world.
But it worked.
Packages mailed (including wii- finally- because 5 cds crammed into the wii will actually cause damage- imagine!).
We're getting ready for our big trip.
Call me paranoid but I don't want to share when or where we're going on a public blog.
Will share when we get home.... whenever that is- oh the mystery. lol.

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