Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Del... 7 months

Hi baby girl,
Seven months? Really? Already? I say that every month- don't I? I'll try and refrain. I just can't believe you're growing up so quick. Before we know it you'll be 1! I can't wait to see the Del at 1 but I'm also really loving the cute 7 month old that lives with us right now. With two and a half teeth already and a mouthful still to go.

You have become more and more vocal- if that's possible. You're chatty and you're still loud- whether you're crying or talking or laughing. You're very social but also cuddle up under my neck when people smile at you. It's very funny. What's even funnier? You cuddle up to whoever happens to be holding you and someone smiles or interacts with you- even if it's me! It's very adorable. People ask if you're shy already- I don't know. Maybe. But you're also loud loud. Grammy and Uncle Shawn and Auntie Chels recently visited and as they were leaving we were waving bye and you held up your hand and said "buh!" Coincedence? Oh yes- definitely. But it was too cute.

You and your brother have started interacting more. It's so cute to see. I am looking forward to seeing how your relationship progresses. I always wanted an older brother. I'm so excited that you get to have one. For now you're laughing at his antics, pulling his hair, and playing peek-a-boo with him. In this picture he wanted to hold you but for only aproximately 1.7 seconds- that wasn't long enough for mommy to manage to get a picture of you two together.

You are a smiley smiley girl. At least once a week someone comments on how much we look a like. People say that about me and my mom too. My mom always said: "thank you!". I never understood why she was thanking them. Now I understand. It's amazing to see a little person that looks so much like you.

So you may have not been so steady with sitting last month and you still tend to topple over if I leave you too long... but you're getting up on hands and knees and rocking back and forth! I told you you were growing up fast! Everyone keeps saying: "wow- any day now and she'll be crawling". I just smile politely. Maybe you'll be crawling any day now but I'm thinking that this rocking back and forth stage happens for a while. We're happy to wait as long as we need to for you to crawl. You've already back flipped off the couch and the bed. I know. I know. I should know that you will move... usually in a backwards position that ends in a splat on the floor. But kids fall. They get hurt. And some quick snuggles and you're as good as new.

We're off for a big adventure soon and I'm a little nervous about the change in routine will effect you. You generally know what you need when and you're pretty good at letting me know what you need. I really appreciate not being kept in the dark. So you need routine. We've learned that. A morning nap. An afternoon nap. Bedtime. All that is important. Sometimes life happens though and we're not home- but as often as you protest the change in routine you also often surprise me and fall asleep wherever we are.

You rock my world girly girl,

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