Sunday, October 26, 2008


I was thinking a low view of a narrow meadow scene across my lower back. When I talked to the tattoo artist, Brad he suggested a more macro view where you saw the individual blades of grass and he said he wouldn't suggest doing it across my whole back. I was bummed that it was going to be smaller than I'd hoped.
After some unsuccessful attempts at making it back to the tattoo place to actually get it done (I had to cancel at the last minute, the next time he was sick, etc.) I finally made it back.
What he had in mind was not so much the narrow strip of meadow I had originally envisioned and it was not small like I think he originally thought it would be.
As they were stenciling it on I was super nervous because it seemed to be higher than I wanted. When I suggested he lower it he didn't seem to think it would work as well- but he was open to lowering it. It actually covers up a previous tattoo so I think it couldn't go lower and still cover the old tattoo sufficiently.
In the end I love love love it! I can't believe how dynamic it is. The shading is so beautiful. And I think it's better than what I had originally envisioned. Have I said I love it?
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Kate@MKDPhotography said...

I see three boys, two girls, and a set of twins in your future...that's what the tatoo tells me!