Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dear Rye :: 10 mos

Dear Rye,
You're crawling! Not fast or very coordinated - but you can move your body. The thing is, you usually are happy to just sit tight and not move. I see babies your age fighting diaper changes because they just want to m-o-v-e!! Not you. I can leave you on your back and go and get wipes from a different room ... when I come back, you're where I left you. Maybe not super happy that I left you - but definitely still in the same place you were when I left the room.

The noises you are making are more varied and more conversation-like, often insistent. You laugh a lot and you find the unexpected particularly hilarious. You also giggle for tickles.

Not only are you crawling - but you also gained three teeth this month ... pretty much simultaneously. And you were relatively chill about the whole thing.

Along with the crawling has come social anxiety. It could be worse, I suppose. You're still mostly smiley with strangers but will snuggle into my neck when they talk to you and are much less enthusiastic about reaching for anyone who reaches for you. And interestingly, people who made you nervous before - you're getting better with them - I think because now they are the familiar faces. When you crawl away from me and someone talks to you, you sit back on your bum and burst into tears.
With crawling has also come a lot more falling and you are so sad whenever you fall - backwards, forwards, sideways - it happens all over the place!

You've recently started this sad-crying face that isn't actually crying ... and it reminds me so much of Noah. I think because we have video of him doing the same face. What adds to the similarities, I think, is that while your hair isn't as thick as his - it's starting to be long enough to go in your eyes - just like him at this age.

You're eating solids like crazy. Good thing Dad is around, because my go-to is to nurse you. Sometimes, when you're fussy, he'll ask: "when did she eat last?" and I'll realize I didn't think to feed you solids all day! You're growing like crazy and apparently more-than-mommy-milk is part of your growing plan.

The bigger you grow, the stronger. Your scratches, grabs, and pinches are getting ouchier and we're working on gentle hands. Your sweet soft hands are so loving when they are gentle. Sometimes the loving is too hard. But it also means so very passionate hugs and kisses.

I recently was going through pictures and found one of Dad sleeping on June 15th ... nothing June 16th .... and then you, you, you! I can't believe how tiny you were, how dark that full head of hair was, how much Noah and Del have also grown and changed in the last 10months. I'm so glad you're part of our family. It's so fun getting to know you more and more and knowing you're part of us.

For your 9month checkup, you'd jumped percentiles again - something like 7th for weight and 50something for height. I think you're going to more than triple your birth weight. We look at your rolly thighs and wonder that you're only in the 7th%ile.

We love you forever,

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