Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dear Rye :: 9mos

Dear Rye,
You rose-y cheeked wonder, we continue to be totally smitten. Noah wakes you up in the morning because he wants to play with you ... even when a bit more sleep would do you good. But you roll with it and he is rewarded with a big grin and even some giggles.
You're sitting up really well and even moving to an almost-crawling position, but you're not quite there. Everyone is holding their breath, waiting for you to crawl ... but everyone also knows that life is going to get a lot more hectic once you're on the move. You have one leg that gets stuck underneath you and if you don't move back to a sitting position, you'll move to your belly ... which isn't fun for very long. Or you reach just a little bit too far and get stuck and can't get back up to a sitting position. You can roll from front to back but not back to front ... but the opportunities for practice are minimal as you are often carried ... or sitting on the ground, not laying on your back.

You love to engage with your siblings and if they are talking and giggling back and forth, you join right in! You don't like it when they leave the room and will call out after them and cry when they don't come back. You burst into giggles when they surprise you by peeking back around the corner - every time!

We moved the crib to our room (really, by "we", I mean "I") and side-car-ed it to our bed. Bittersweet packing away the cradle. It's exciting that you're growing older (I didn't imagine you'd be able to be in the cradle as long as you have!) but I'm not sure I'll ever be parenting a baby that needs a cradle again. I thought you'd seem so tiny in the crib, but it has quickly become normal and it's easier to night-time parent as our mattresses are at the same level and all that.

You're still all adorable gummy grin! But you're gnawing on things more - including your fingers. So I checked and couldn't feel anything. But looking carefully, I can see two faint white strips of your bottom front teeth. Your top gums have been swollen for a while - like you can see the teeth right under the gums!! - pushing forward - but still high. I was thinking they might appear first just because there was no sign of bottom teeth. As strange as top teeth first might be, teeth are teeth, and at least you'd have them! But it looks like they will come in the bottom after all and maybe in the next month. You have broken many records - big surprise of a baby, born the earliest, only baby where the water broke first, smallest baby, and now also baby with the slowest-to-appear-teeth.

For the first time in your life, you were sick this month. It was sad sad. A super nasty cold that was hard to breathe through - especially at night. You had rose-y cheeks, you were warm, and you were more snuggly than usual. It was so hard and sad to see you struggle with your red, bleary eyes - but we counted ourselves lucky that this was the first!

You clap like a champ - and even when you're sad, if someone says: "yaaaayyyy" you clap.

You are such an affectionate baby. You grab my face and kiss me open mouthed, sucking on my lower lip if given the chance. You'll also shove someone's face out of your way so you can get to their earings. And you'll gently pat or rub someone's cheek before suddenly grabbing for their eyeball/nose/cheek. It's so unexpected and so passionately aggressive!
You're really enjoying kids close to your age .... but you want to grab them too - by the hair, the shirt, the eyeball - you're not picky. And when they aren't within arms reach, you yell and yell at them.

So often, it feels, you suddenly change. And this month, a big change was that you were suddenly not enthusiastic about being passed off to just anyone. You're generally easy-going and there's been a lot of speculation over whether you being passed to her, him, and everyone at Farmhouse Pantry will ease the typical 9-month separation/stranger anxiety. Maybe you would have been more anxious? Suddenly you're not reaching for people who put their arms out to you and you turn away and snuggle into my neck, maybe peeking back at the person smiling warmly at you. You're definitely more easy going in the morning or right after a nap - but the more tired you become, the more you want your mom, dad, sister, or brother. You don't often strongly prefer one over the other - but you want it to be one of us who is holding you. Fortunately, your brother and sister love hanging out with you and are generally patient about doing so - even during the rare times they aren't fighting over who gets to play with you or hold you or make you giggle.

Like I said, we're smitten.
We love you so much big girl!

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