Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dear Rye :: 11mos

Dear Rye,
When people asked, I told them you were 10 months old. Then days before you turned 11 months I realized I'd missed the part where I normally say "x-and-a-half-months". You were days days! from 11months! Dad is quick to point out that 11 months means that next month will be 12 months! Eek! How has 11 months sped by so fast.
I'll tell you. We've done a whole bunch of stuff! And you've definitely been a huge part and made it all more exciting and fun.

You are now a total pro at moving around. You can crawl. You can pull yourself up. You can slowly lower yourself from a standing to a sitting position. You can roll.
It's a whole new world out there - ready for you to pull apart explore. We shake our head at your antics and are surprised at what you find to get into investigate. You are very interested in plugs - whether a cord is inserted to them or not. You love opening the woodstove grate and cabinets and drawers ... and pulling out the contents. Boxes are also fun to empty. As are bookshelves. And laundry baskets. You've even recently made it up a stair or two.

You tagged along with Nina and I on a garage-sale-ing adventure one Saturday and happily smiled and waved to everyone who passed by. You seemed quite stunned that the wave and smile wasn't reciprocated by everyone. It was a crowded day and people didn't always see you. It was as if they weren't all there to see you. I know this is surprising because at the store - you are the highlight. You smile and wave, or shyly tuck your face into my neck ... before smiling big ... for anyone who comes in the door. When customers get their meals, you will often crawl right over to their table, waiting patiently - because surely they are going to share their meal with you! It's so fun to watch other people find you as charming as we do. Occasionally, if you're not in our arms, you will take a dislike to someone - usually someone with a beard - and burst out crying, terrified. This is a new phenomenon. Usually a quick snuggle and you are on your way again.

Nina got a new dog this month and you are loving him. Fortunately, he is tolerant. He avoids you, or patiently waits while someone rushes over to rescue him - on the few occasions where you've been too enthusiastic in your attentions. He also comes at a convenient time as you are eating more and more solids ... which means more and more messes under your seat at the table. The dog never complains about having clean up duty.

We went to visit friends on the other side of the Adirondacks this month. You are okay in the car if we start early enough ... but in general, the later in the day, the less tolerant of life you are - but that's all relative, because you're still relatively chill. So the last third of the trip can be long, when you really need to fall asleep. But then you are all smiles when we arrive and it's fun to realize the huge developmental changes that have happened since a previous visit (in this case, about three months). You are way more interested in the other kids now ... and are interested in tasting chalk, crayons, grass, paper, video-game-controllers ... It's always exciting.
You do better in the car if Noah and/or Del are there to be a friendly face. But you spent most of that trip, taking whatever Noah offered and immediately throwing it on the far side of your seat - out of Noah's reach. Only to fuss again and Noah hand you another random item that has found itself in our vehicle.

It's fun to see how quickly you catch on. You clearly understand words like "up" and "bite" and your name and "c'mere" and "dog/cat". You're waving and clapping, and playing peek-a-boo. You might be signing some things but it isn't too obvious yet (did she just sign "milk" or was that random??). You copy what other people are doing - drinking from a cup, whacking a block on a table, waving. You crack up laughing when someone does something you didn't expect. And your giggle is irresistible.

I can't believe how big you're getting and how quickly you're maturing - but I'm also loving every second of it! You're such a cool baby.
Thank you for being you.
Love you always,

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