Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dear Rye :: 8 mos

Dear Rye,
I'm looking back at newborn pictures - and even 3month and 4month old pictures of you and I can't believe how much you've changed. You are a charmer - or something. I hear over and over again how women who have kids Noah and Del's ages and never thought about having another, feel the baby-urge when seeing you. And older women are charmed and feel so honored to get a chance to hold you. And this month you are definitely actively reaching for people - leaning for them, arms outstretched. You aren't too fussy with who you reach for and it clearly makes the person you are reaching for feel so special. Their face lights up in the most satisfying way. You then reach for their glasses, yank on their nose, or try to push their face out of the way so you can get to their earrings. And they giggle, smitten with you the whole time.

At the same time - this reaching thing works the other way too. You are adamant that you want me when you spot me again. And your immediate family is preferable to people you aren't as familiar with. It warms this mother's heart to see your pure delight in your siblings and their devotion to you.
People aren't the only thing that has your attention - you're very interested in pets too. The cats make you laugh - but also frustrate you greatly as they don't come to you as you yell at them. While you may be able to charm humans, the cats are very wary. Our big dogs make you laugh and you whip your head around or lean around the body that's holding you to get a better look at them. Smaller dogs however, you're very uncertain of - and you find them rather frightening, to be honest. Lucky for you, no small dog lives at our house.

You've started clapping - or making a clapping motion anyway - the hands don't always connect. We say: "yaaaayyy" and you proudly move your hands towards each other enthusiastically. Sometimes, you're being held so you might smack someone in the face repeatedly, as one hand is wrapped around the other person's body. Or your clapping comes across more as waving. And that works too - people are excited to wave back.

You're not interested in crawling and at the beginning of this month if we put you on your hands and knees you would start crying. I think you were stuck and didn't know how to get out of that position. By the end of the month when we put you one hands and knees, you rock back and forth and giggle. So it's coming. Too soon, I'm sure!

No teeth yet, another thing that's fun that it's taking this long. Doesn't keep you from demanding to drink from a cup or eat whatever the person next to you has. You reach, lunge, and grunt while kicking your legs. You're definitely communicating. You happily sit on the floor with a piece of bread or a pear - you mouth a piece and rub the rest in a rainbow shape around you on the floor, then stick it back in your mouth. Immunity building or something right?

You say "mamamamamama" all the time and it warms my heart and puts a grin on my face. It's also fun because it seems to make all the other people in the room get all excited too. You give me enthusiastic kisses and tight hugs.

I'm constantly amazed by how lucky I feel to be your parent and I'm so so grateful for you.
Love you a million,

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