Thursday, February 25, 2016

missing days and captured moments

It's not perfect, but I'm definitely grabbing the camera more...


leaving for a quick overnight trip to Boston with my parents and Rye. We left early...


The older two are insistent that they not be photographed, despite my insistence that I just want to capture the everyday... like Del's most common pastime -coloring.


When we get home days - on average it's once a week - this baby naps like a champ. On days we're at the store - at least 4 a week - the naps are shorter... But we get what we can.


Coloring, with an awesome friend and a side of screen ;)


This week has been busy - like the last two. Hopefully we can have more home days next week. Either way - more babywearing helps. Even when a big sister wants to do the wearing.

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