Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Project 365 :: Winter has arrived - better late than never


This is exciting! Winter is finally happening. With snow! I have little tolerance for cold without snow. Thankfully, when the cold realized it was its season - it decided to let snow tag along too.


This is William. He is not my favorite. Mostly because he's not super affectionate. Except lately. He will crawl into my lap to sleep. Weird.
Mostly though he gets hair all over clean laundry. And doesn't warm laps. So it hasn't historically been worth the hairy laundry.


So there's a lot of Rye featured in this 365 Project, because she doesn't complain about having her picture taken. And she's not mobile, so it's relatively easy to capture her cute in a non-blurry frame.


Here she's very intent on watching an older sibling's antics....


... such as this face. This is the face that says: "please, mother, kindly refrain from taking my picture." And I'm trying to be respectful and minimize how many pictures these kids are in ...


One time, I stumbled across several old cameras at a yard sale - and I snatched them all up!






It finally got ridiculously cold. But we all talked about how thankful we were that it was less than a week of cold (in comparison to weeks of cold last year). What was even more exciting was that Farmhouse Pantry was hopping for this whole cold weekend! The cold didn't make people hibernate. It was such a fun busy weekend. This is Farmhouse Pantry ... with icicles blown in by the impressive wind.
I know, I know. I can't get over how completely adorable she is either!


See? Winter is here. Proof is the plow ... plowing sand ;) and really dirty snow.

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