Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dear Rye :: 2mos

Dear Rye,
Anyone who sees you for the first time comments on how small you are; anyone who has seen you several times comments on how big you're getting. We recently weighed you on the wii and you were just under Del's birth weight. That's unreal because you're so big to me - perfect for your age. A friend pointed out that that is what makes you so funny - you're the size of a newborn with the behavior of a two month old.

You're cooing and holding your head up and you have the biggest eyes ever, open and looking around.
It is hard to get pictures of you because you are a momma's girl to a fault. You are very insistent that you be held - preferably by mom. You are happiest in the morning and get increasingly specific and insistent about your preferences as the day wears on. So I don't know if these pictures are a super accurate representation of your month. It's a good reminder that you're still in your "fourth trimester" and I love being able to calm you with my presence.

You are quite the impressive burper - and if you aren't burning, you're farting. It shocks everyone who hears!

You met Tante A for the first time this month and she was completely smitten. Except the time Daddy and I were processing chickens. It was our second processing of the season - during the first processing day, you were young enough to sleep through most of it in your car seat a few feet from us. This month, the car seat is not your preferred resting spot. So Tante A became the default parent. This is ideal in the early part of the day - but it became less tolerable as the day wore on.

We're learning your different cries. You never cry in the night, just grunt and move around until I get you close to me if you're in the cradle - or when you're in our bed you just wiggle yourself closer. When you get hurt - like when I'm nursing, talking on the phone, and pacing the dining room and your foot hits a chair - you cry and it's so sad. So then I move to sitting down so that doesn't happen again! When you've been away from me for too long and you're tired - that's when you cry the loudest. This often happens in the car seat. You can tolerate the car seat only so long - depending on when you last ate and how tired you are.

You are so wiggly - Nina says it's you exercising. You're more alert and interactive which means Del and Noah are interested in hanging out with you again. I was feeling sad that your newborn phase was over - and it was so fleeting! But it's so fun to see how much you've already matured and think about you're becoming a more of a person every day. You may still be in 0-3mos clothes, but you're filling out the clothes more every day.
You recognize your family's voices for sure and will give them big smiles. You are most chatty with Daddy - maybe because he's the one most willing to listen.

I think your hair is starting to thin, but it's definitely the curliest of all our babies too. I'm excited to see it evolve. People always comment on your hair and how much you have but to me, it's just you.... until someone else holds you - then I see it! I guess all that heartburn was for something.
Love you always,

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