Monday, August 10, 2015

The Worried Mom

In many ways, I'm so easy going with this new baby. I've got experience on my side. I know that babies are generally happy, healthy, and meet their milestones even with less than ideal conditions (see fostering).
On the other hand, I have experience. I've witnessed wonderful families face challenges of ill babies (or worse!) and babies that don't meet milestones. Rye feels like such an incredible surprise, so I think I'm holding my breath - half expecting a challenge - while knowing it's silly to worry and arguably a BAD thing - I should just enjoy this time!
So while looking up "baby not making eye contact" I hear cooing and glance down at my bright eyed infant, looking directly at me, and grinning big.
Stop worrying.

PS The outside of average is 3mos - not the time to worry yet.

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