Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our day in two ways

It was an awful day.
Child F. woke up before 7am - as she's started to do, I'm not sure why. She was miserable and whiney - not her norm. When she gets like that, it means she's due for a nap. She spent in bed, refusing to sleep but clearly exhausted.
Child D. pooped in her pants. Again. She's had months of being potty trained. But lately. It's poop in pants Unless she isn't wearing pants. I can not describe how angry poop in pants makes me, for a child who is clearly potty trained. My hands smell of poop for the rest of the day - despite washing them 1,903 times!
Baby E. didn't take her now-normal 3-hour nap. Instead, it was a little over an hour.
Del was a crabby-whiney-bossy-pants ... especially to Child F. and somewhat Child D.
There was a lot of effort put in to cleaning up Child D, reminding Del to speak to others how she would like to be spoken to, attempting to convince Child F. that she REALLY needed to sleep and that "my eyes are closed" is not the same thing as taking a nap or sleeping.
I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. Ren Man has work all day. So I'm nervous.

It was a good day.
Child D. came and snuggled in bed this morning - something that doesn't happen often.
Noah went and got Baby E. out of her crib this morning and brought the smiley girl in to my bed. Child F. was snuggly and really wanted to spend time with Del.
Child D. has started saying "otay mommy" when I explain why she can't come upstairs or throw food on the floor - this is a big improvement over being ignored.
Baby E. was smiley as ever and has started giving adorable baby kisses.
The three younger girls were all in bed for naps at the same time so we squeezed in a game of apples to apples with the older two.
Ren Man wasn't working off-farm today so we got a lot of daddy-time in. He made a big breakfast, cheese, yogurt, and dinner.
I had a roller derby bout to photograph so skipped out on bedtime!
I'm hoping for more happy moments tomorrow.

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