Monday, March 10, 2014

And now I'm 31

I meant to do a "EEK! I'm 30!!" blog post a year ago. Last year my mom threw me a surprise party that was so fun and unexpected! I remember loving seeing our community of friends come together to celebrate - even though we'd only been in the area for about a year. I was also sad because we'd only had one foster placement up to that point (that had turned out to be very short) and it felt like we'd never get a placement.

Twenty days later and Child B and Child C arrived. It's been a life full of fostering (among other things!) since ;)

I was sad a year ago to feel like life was rushing by and there was still so much I wanted to accomplish.

But now at

I'm feeling much more settled. Our children are awesome, we're farming, our photography business is growing, and Ren Man and I can't get enough of each other. We love spending time together and we love spending time with our kids. We've talked about going away for our birthdays or going away for our anniversary - but we'd want to bring the kids too.

Oh, and I have a camper.
I drink more coffee, I sleep less (but would like to sleep more!), and have maybe a little less energy - but not much! Oh, and the grey hairs, they're here now (although I think they look more white). Once there were more than 3 or so, I gave up. Just embrace it.

So turning 30 was scary, but at 31 ... I've got this. Yay for this decade of being 30-something!

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