Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend Reading


I didn't know there was a food stamp challenge popping up but did stumble across this article which I thought was interesting in terms of revealing the not-so-obvious around the struggle with food stamps and poverty in general.

I re-read Del's 10mos letter and this was so eye opening to compare to our baby right now. I also went and found Noah and Del's 31mos letters to compare to our toddler ...and realized I'm probably expecting too much of her.

I always have trouble knowing how much to say when someone says they are expecting or they have a new baby. There's so much experience I want to share with them - but doesn't everyone feel that way - and as the person who is pregnant ... it's annoying, right? So here's a list of 15 reassuring and non-judge-y thoughts that I love.

This is how we have always felt about gifting but never were able to explain so succinctly or beautifully.

And this one: again, someone who explains how I feel about fostering better than I've been able to. Big one: I'm no saint.

Happy Reading!!

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