Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Del- 10 mos

Dear Sick Girl,
I'm so sorry that you've been stuffy, cranky, miserable, sick for a good 2 weeks. Not fun at all. The night weaning thing went out the window. It's so hard for you to nurse with a blocked nose and solids are not appealing apparently so we've got to squeeze in those calories whenever we can.
You are definitely a momma's girl. My arms are tired, yes- but really I love holding you and snuggling you. It makes other people sad when you cry and reach for me but I know that soon you'll be pushing me away as you become more and more independent so I'm trying to relish this time with you - runny nose and all.

We finally had your 6 month 9 month check up and you were 18lbs and 27" (I'm not positive on the length). You are too cute... except you do this screaming thing that drives me crazy! It's the worst sound imaginable. Others find it cute- I find it unbearable. And then... you and I were driving to a maternity shoot and I was getting frustrated because the gps wasn't sticking to the window and so I made the screaming noise you make... and you made it back.... so maybe this scream is learned? But I really think you started it and I mimic you. Really.
Speaking of mimicking. Noah had the hiccups the other day and every time he hiccuped you made a hiccup sound too! I guess I shouldn't be surprised. For a while now about 30 seconds after we kiss you we hear you make a kissing noise. It's very very sweet.

I remember once when you were a couple months old and you were crying forcefully in the car because you were hungry we pulled over for a nurse break and Nina said she hopes you are always able to articulate your needs so clearly. Well- so far so good. There are certain sounds you make and we know that Noah has hurt you. There's another sound you make when you're frustrated - usually because you're stuck. It's very cool to have such a communicative baby. Today I heard the "I'm frustrated and maybe a little scared" noise and went to see.... You were on the first stair up! I know you're 10 months in theory but in practice I'm just not ready. Can we hold off on the stairs for a little while longer?
Maybe you could practice clapping....

But I think you've got it down.... signing milk?

got that down too...
It's crazy to think that in less than 6 months you willl be walking around! I'm excited to see you grow and change but lately have also been amazed by how fast you are growing up.
Keep doing what you're doing big girl - I'm enjoying doing life with you.

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