Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas


Whew! Third blog entry saying "Merry Christmas!" ... some read all three (woven meadows, brown eyed photography, mommy do it) so I apologize for repeat pictures!


We're loving the snow (you should see the pyranese two roll around and frolic in the white stuff!) and the family time afforded us by the fact that Ren Man and I both work full time at home, the kids learn mostly full time with us, my dad works from home, and my mom is on school break! It's a full house! And then we've had a small solstice gathering, quickly followed by the arrival of my three siblings.


The unknown future continues to bog us down a bit but we're working hard on enjoying the day-to-day chores of farming, family, and photography while also anticipating the growth of our businesses and family in the (hopefully near!) future. I think the grass always seems greener ... in the future or in the past. I remember longing for our farming days when we were in RI and the babies were babies but also being very certain that that period in our lives was special and made sure to enjoy the present. In the same way, we're nostalgic about those baby days and dreaming big dreams of the future but also reveling in Ark Boy's sense of humor, Farm Girl's passion, our own relationship as best friends and partners, and just enjoying watching this all unfold in front of us!


We're thinking all all the lives we've touched and all the lives that have touched ours and hoping that even though we're far apart literally and sometimes figuratively from families and friends we have now and have had throughout our lives, that all of these individuals are feeling warm and hopeful for the future. We're also hoping our paths cross again in some way in the future and we're thankful for the every day we get with the friends who are near and dear to us in this moment.

Merry Christmas!

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