Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dear Del 5 mos

Hi Big Girl,
Five months?! Really? I thought maybe I had miscounted. You couldn't possibly be 5 mos already- I mean- that's OLD! But I counted. And yep. You're old. It's official. April, May, June, July, August- yep, that's five months. I'm in shock. The other day I commented on how you're hair was flattening and not sticking up so much. Daddy reminded me that this was when Noah's hair started to flatten. I was shocked that you were already old enough for your hair to flatten! We were watching home videos of Noah as a baby and laughing at all the little things we recorded- that we haven't been so dilligent about recording with you. Everyone always says that kids grow up so fast... Now I understand. You are growing up so much faster than Noah seemed to.

You and I have figured out your routine. On the days when we're home things are pretty predictable. The only tricky thing is that you happen to be the second born- sometimes I think you forget this. You have a very hard time nursing if there is any distraction. Not in the "oh- what was that?" kind of way but in the "oh my! I am so mad that someone dared to interfere with my nursing session!" You arch your back, scream, and refuse to relatch. This would be okay if we were able to get you enough milk during the sessions that weren't interupted- usually by a sibling that will remain namelss- but that's not always possible. It's particularly challenging on days that we aren't home or when Daddy is at work. On days with minimal nursing we are up frequently-to say the least- at night to make up for our lack of daytime nursing. It's nice to know that there is a reason but still tiring. The other night you went 7 hours! We had been home all day and you frequently nursed so no need to wake up in the night.

We started doing some back wrapping this month. It worked wonderfully-unless I stopped moving. We went blueberry picking with Noah and Nina one morning early this month. It was very fun to put you on my back and walk to the stand to collect buckets to use to pick our berries. As soon as I paused near a blueberry bush you became impatient. I knew you were tired but you weren't going to sleep. I was unsure what to do so I took you off and layed you on the wrap. Within minutes you were sound asleep and took a nice morning nap while we finished picking berries.

Thankfully near the end of the month we started mastering the back carry more regularly. You have had several naps in the wrap on my back now. At the playgroup at the park this week you were quite fussy. We weren't home and you were tired. When you are tired you are particularly unhappy when I sit. So I decided to throw you on my back and take a quick stroll around the park. I didn't expect you to fall asleep- but you did! And slept for at least an hour. As I threw you up one of the other moms commented on you excited you looked to be tossed onto my back. Phew! Glad you're as thrilled as I am.

You sure surprised us this month when you popped 2 teeth in less than 24 hours! It was very unexpected and shocks everyone we tell. You've also become quite determined to grab food out of my hand. You have narowly missed having a first meal already. You almost ate a bean and then you almost ate some bread. I'm pretty sure you've consumed more grass than the average cow consumes in a day. I think it's time to break out the sippy cup with some breastmilk in it for you.

In other grown up news- we moved you to the crib this month. We thought you would just stay in our bed but you sleep sooo much better when you're not right up next to me. We discovered this when Daddy would leave the bed to sleep with your brother and I would move to the other side of the bed. So we converted the office to your room and it's working very well. I wasn't sure how it would go over but you seem quite content.

At the end of the month Nina brought my Aunt came to visit for a day from North Carolina. We made sure to wear your cow outfit that Nina bought you before you were even born. You were too cute sporting the holstein look. We'll have to be sure to bring this outfit to Vermont next time we go.

Your talking like crazy. I can't believe how many new things you "say". Recently you started making a /b/ sound and it's too too cute. You continue to be LOUD. You aren't unhappy- just very vocal about what you need to say. I'm so looking forward to seeing if this is a trait you carry into toddlerhood, childhood, and beyond. It always makes me laugh because there's no mystery about where the loud talkative-ness came from.

There have been a couple times recently where you've been crying in your crib and I just finish what I'm doing before running up to check on you. When I finally get to you I see why you're upset- you've rolled onto your belly and can't flip back! Oops.
One more funny anecdote- the other day at our weekly playgroup Daddy helped get us settled at the park and then walked off because he was going to do errands. As he walked away you frowned and then started crying. It took me a moment or two to realize why you were so sad. Daddy isn't convinced that it was about him but I can't think what else it could have been. Again, you surprised me that you are *already* having separation anxiety when really you are right on time.

Love you more and more,

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